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2023年9月12日03:24 AM (GMT-04:00)

If you handle workforce decisions for your healthcare organization and you’re not using a healthcare 招聘 company, 你可能会错过机会. Companies specializing in healthcare staffing and 招聘 can save your team time and money while getting you the qualified talent you need. Successful staffing agencies offer an array of solutions, 包括招聘, 筛选, 审查, 的认证, 面试, 招聘, 培训, 新员工培训, 性能监视等. The challenge is finding the right partner for you.

5 Reasons to Choose 博彩澳门网站平台登录 for Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting

As you research various healthcare recruitment companies, consider why 博彩澳门网站平台登录 could be your ideal partner. Here are the top 5 reasons our clients continue to choose us!

1. Outstanding reputation as a market leader in healthcare staffing and 招聘

博彩澳门网站平台登录 是一个 established leader within the healthcare workforce solutions space. 我们的 healthcare recruitment company is comprised of three strong recruitment search businesses, all within the Cross Country family of brands:

  • 护理和相关的永久安置
  • 永久实习医师
  • RPO

我们的母公司, 越野医疗,有一个。 37年以上的业绩记录 of providing healthcare workforce solutions. Cross Country’s other healthcare lines of business include:

  • 越野联盟
  • 越野越野
  • 越野护士
  • Cross Country Medical Staffing Network (per diem/local)
  • 越野WSG

This consolidation leverages the strength of each area, allowing 博彩澳门网站平台登录 to tap into a massive talent network of over 5,000,000 healthcare professionals.

我们的 reputation and success within the market enable us to build enduring relationships with the healthcare professionals we source. 进一步,我们 longevity has led to a wealth of long-term employees considered subject matter experts and trusted advisors within the field.

The results of our team’s dedication translate to 回头客,作为我们的 clients engage us for multiple concurrent and consecutive searches. 客户 and providers repeatedly re-engage and recommend our services to colleagues and peers, 进一步巩固我们的 品牌认知度和市场占有率.

2. Unparalleled customer service for our healthcare clients and professionals

博彩澳门网站平台登录 is proud to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients as they make critical 招聘 decisions. Busy healthcare leaders and 招聘 managers need rapid, flexible solutions. 我们的团队 超越客户的需求.

We realize communication is vital to success. 这就是我们优先考虑的原因 consistent follow-up, follow-through, and the highest quality service delivery.

进一步,我们 与候选人建立持久的伙伴关系 在整个面试过程中, from initial engagement through offer and acceptance, 帮助确保 最好的体验.

3. A national presence serving clients and healthcare professionals across the U.S.

作为 largest healthcare recruitment organizations in the nation,我们的市场占有率 横跨50个州.

我们是 experienced in 招聘 and 招聘 talent for 所有可能的医疗保健环境, 包括医院, 门诊中心, 诊所, 农村卫生, 私人诊所, 流动外科中心, 生中心, 癌症中心, 透析中心, 济贫院, 成像中心, mental health and addiction treatment centers, 护理设施, 远程医疗, 骨科和康复中心, 紧急护理, 医学实验室, 血库, 学术健康中心, 资深的管理, 印第安人健康服务等等.

我们是 direct hire experts in all roles across the industry, 包括外科医生, 专家, 医生, 高级实践提供者, 护士, 专职医疗人员, 支持人员等等.

4. 我们的 deep commitment to healthcare workforce innovation and technology

我们的 investment in the latest advancements in healthcare workforce technology and innovation has positioned us to be an industry leader in efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to having access to 越野医疗’s expansive talent base, we maintain a 专有的、健壮的数据库 of hundreds of thousands of candidates and contacts. This technology improves our speed to market, giving us rapid access to candidates and quicker results for our clients. 我们使用 报告 to quantifiably measure, track, assess and report on 战略业务目标的状态.

5. 我们的 one-source approach to total workforce solutions

我们是真正的 one-source total talent solutions enterprise. In addition to offering permanent placement for physician, 护理, 盟军的健康, 非临床专业, 我们提供劳动力优化解决方案, 包括全面的人才管理和 招聘流程外包 (RPO).

Total talent management means helping clients 寻找最佳人选 and, if needed, providing expert consultation at 招聘生命周期的每个阶段. 这包括客户端发现, 系统集成, 招聘合作, 采购, 招聘, 报告, 质量保证, 和定制解决方案(包括我们的RPO).

我们的RPO解决方案是外包的 简单、高效、可扩展. 它允许设施 outsource one or more elements of the 招聘 process. It’s a service and delivery model that is fully customizable, cost-efficient and tailored to support each client’s talent management strategy. 结果包括 成功率90% in eliminating the use of temporary employees and 7.5亿美元+ saved by 博彩澳门网站平台登录 clients in unbudgeted contract labor costs.

博彩澳门网站平台登录 – An Exceptional Healthcare Recruitment Company

In the face of provider shortages and increasing demand for clinical and non-clinical healthcare employees, finding a healthcare recruitment company you can trust is critical. 博彩澳门网站平台登录, we’re eager to see how we can tailor our workforce solutions to meet your unique needs now and into the future.

Are you ready to partner with 博彩澳门网站平台登录? 立即澳门网上博彩平台登录.


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